The Serenity Collection - push button relaxation for stress and anxiety

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Get a deep sense of peace at the push of a button. Decades of neuroscience research packaged into music that soothes your mind, muscles, and soul.

I felt so relaxed, I almost drifted to sleep.

I started to notice feelings of weightlessness that were really cool. I can honestly see this preventing my panic attacks if I listen to it when I feel one coming on. Very cool stuff!

Have you ever got a massage, acupuncture, or 'cupping' in an effort to relax, only to find yourself stressed again one week later (and $100 poorer)?

Have you heard that being stressed is bad - yet cringe when you hear "just reduce your stress" or "learn to meditate?"

Wouldn't it be nice to push a button and feel stress and anxiety melting off your shoulders?

Like a fantastic massage that you pay for once and get whenever you want.

The Serenity collection of sound therapies is one of the fastest ways to reduce stress and anxiety without spending years learning to meditate or paying hundreds for a massage/acupuncture.

Just put on headphones, push play, and feel stress melt away.

But Serenity isn't your everyday calming music found on YouTube... 

It's backed by two decades of neuroscience research at Brown University and grants from NASA and the National Institue of Health. 

  • It works in a similar way that a car puts a child to sleep, through a gentle 'rocking' of the balance (vestibular) system to cause drowsiness... only using sound vibrations instead of car vibrations.

It's then layered with techniques to help you: 

  • slow your heart rate
  • match your breathing to scientifically-backed calming techniques
  • achieve brain 'hemispherical synchronization' (having the left and right sides of your brain match each other)
  • and ease muscle tension.

Use it when you need to

  • Re-center, even after a day that your kids (or your boss) spent screaming.
  • Make your next dental visit easy - without nitrous.
  • Get deeply relaxed in 5 minutes or less with our classic rock-styled piece, Eagle Rock ZEN, for when you need calm in a hurry.
  • Forget a stressful day and maximize your time with your partner, family, or friends.
  • Reduce irritability caused by stress or anxiety.
  • Give yourself a quick break at work so you can be more effective than anyone (and possibly land that promotion).
  • Be the calm, patient parent you know you could be... if only you weren't so stressed.
  • Have your own personal island of relaxation, ready when you need it.
  • Lift your spirits when the weather is frightful.
  • Clear your mind and boost creativity.
  • Recharge your energy in a fraction of the time.
  • Stop the churning thoughts so you can sleep better.
  • Reduce muscle tension in your neck and shoulders.

Why? Because reducing stress can...*

  • improve productivity at work
  • reduce sick days
  • help you lose those stubborn 5 lbs (cortisol - the 'stress hormone' is a strong factor in weight gain/retention)
  • have a better memory
  • reduce headaches - both the number and strength of them

What you'll get when you invest in your relaxation:

  • A 24-minute piece so relaxing, we almost fell asleep (in less than two minutes).
  • Four hours of deeply relaxing audio in an 'ambient' style delivered as eight, 30-minute variations to keep things fresh.
  • A five-minute 'QuickZen' in a classic rock style
  • The twenty-minute 'Bells ZEN' track - a blend of flamenco guitar and ambient music.
  • All ZEN encoded pieces we've ever created.

Happiness 100% guaranteed

If you're not 100% happy for whatever reason at all, just email us within 82 years (you read that right) and we'll refund your full purchase.

We'll also automatically email you 5 days from your purchase reminding you to ask for a refund if you don't like it.

So go ahead, click "I want this!", and let Gumroad's bank-level security handle your investment and deliver your content. We can't wait to hear your happy feedback.

Team Zenstant of The Limbic Group

* Any claim on this website has not been reviewed by the FDA. Products are not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease or illness.

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12 hours of neuroscience backed content for when you need to relax, fast.

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The Serenity Collection - push button relaxation for stress and anxiety

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